Sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. It is through these senses that we experience our world.
It is the goal of our organization to provide goods to under-privileged areas of the world  to enhance these most basic senses.

Volunteer Travel
Our vision is for supporters of Sense the World to be our hands in other countries during their personal travels.  Sense the World can provide you with goods and help arrange local travel to donate our target items to underprivileged communities. In this way, we can have a bigger, and more frequent impact in the communities we serve, as well as reaching new communities around the world.  Our volunteer travelers find the donation outings to be one of the fondest memories from their trip. 

Lindy was our first Volunteer Traveler, check out her trip to Peru.

Bevin also went to Peru this year and pictures
from her trip can be found HERE!

Already have plans to travel abroad?  Contact Greg

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